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Choosing the right teacher and mentor is incredibly important for new piano students. My goal is to inspire students towards a lifetime of music, learning, and enjoyment. Every lesson incorporates technique, sight-reading, playing by ear, music theory, and music history through the venues of classical and popular music.


It is imperative for students to learn proper hand technique and posture from the beginning stages of their development or technical difficulties including tension and pain may appear as they begin learning more challenging repertoire. I specialize in teaching the Claudio Arrau and Rosalina Sackstein piano technique promoting proper posture, hand positioning, and arm movement.


Have you ever met anyone who previously studied the piano say, "I wish I had kept playing"? Maintaining discipline through the intermediate phase of development is a difficult challenge. I believe that peer collaboration and performance opportunities are the two best solutions to maintaining interest through this critical phase.


As a former collaborative piano instructor at the University of Miami and Austin Peay State University, I can offer a unique service during the intermediate phase of a student's development, should they express interest in incorporating other instrumentalists into their recitals. 



Advanced students preparing for auditions, recitals and performances can benefit from a mentor and coach.


I study each individual's learning style and skill set in order to tailor lesson plans and approach.  This unique mentor relationship is key to developing technical and artistic confidence prior to the performance.


With experience performing and teaching an array of genres, including chamber music, musical theatre, church music, choral accompanying and jazz music, I enjoy introducing students to new avenues of expression.

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